October 15, 2004

Good News, Bad News

THE GOOD NEWS IS that I truly am back in the saddle again: I finished my first freelance reporting assignment – actually the first since 1986 – a day ahead of its deadline. The better news is that the editor of the publication (a local special-interest journal) says she’s very pleased. The best news of all is that there will be more work from this publication: today’s effort was the beginning of a (renewed) journey, an initial gallop down what I hope will be a main road back. Good wishes and prayers are thus earnestly solicited.

But there is bad news too: a breaking Washington Times story that the Kerrynoids are getting themselves in hock to the Iranian mullahs in much the same way the Clintonoids got themselves on the pad run by the Chinese Commissars. Today’s situation, however, is much worse: we were never on the brink of war with China, while Iran is a declared enemy, part of the Axis of Evil. The Times report, available here, suggests that even as John Kerry is pledging to defend the United States against terrorist Islam, he is – apparently in return for contributions to his campaign fund – treacherously offering (just as he did during last week’s debate) to undermine U.S. policy by providing the Iranians nuclear fuel. Kerry also wants, albeit far less publicly, to grant Iranians too-easy access to the American homeland. These are the story's most critical paragraphs:

...Iran is seeking from Mr. Kerry a series of concessions that would allow them to become a nuclear weapons power and circumvent the restrictions of the USA Patriot act to infiltrate intelligence agents and potential terrorists into the United States.

How could Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards, who claim to be able to defend America better than President Bush, allow themselves to fall into such a trap? Top Kerry and Edwards advisers warned both candidates against accepting campaign donations from people with close ties to mullahs in Tehran months ago, sources inside their respective campaigns say. And yet, neither Mr. Kerry nor Mr. Edwards has done anything to distance himself from these donors. On the contrary, both have continued to take their money and promote their agenda.

Mr. Kerry adopted a key element of that agenda in last week's presidential debate. If president, he said he would have "offered the opportunity to provide the nuclear fuel" to Iran, to "test them, see whether or not they were actually looking for it for peaceful purposes."...

I for one don’t think this is an accident of Kerry/Edwards campaign fog. I think it is instead a very deliberate expression of Kerry’s extreme anti-Americanism, an unprecedentedly hostile effort to set the stage for a Middle Eastern version of “peace in our time” by undermining the Bush Administration’s Iranian policy. Its long-term purpose probably includes enlisting the Iranian mullahs as allies to control Iraqi resistance and restore “stability” in Iraq – “stability” in this instance meaning Islamic theocracy ruled from Tehran. If this is true, it is so patently subversive it approaches treason, as if a candidate in the 1944 presidential election were being financed by the Nazis. But most of all it gives us a preview of Kerry’s foreign policy in action – the sort of thing we are likely to see on a daily basis if Kerry wins. And this is far worse than any Neville Chamberlain rerun: I don’t think Chamberlain or any of his cronies ever accepted campaign contributions from Hitler. Nor did they ever knowingly conspire against the British Empire.

Unfortunately, KerryMedia will undoubtedly suppress the story. But maybe the blogosphere – particularly in the persons of those other bloggers who have vast and established readerships – will keep it alive and grow it legs, for it is the most damning proof yet disclosed that Kerry is unfit to occupy the White House.


I apologize for the brevity of the above, especially since there is so much more I could say about the implications of Kerry’s decision to sell out the United States to the mullahs. But even I have a built-in word limit, and working on that freelance piece yesterday, I exceeded it by something like 300 percent, with the result my keyboard now wanders in and out of focus and occasionally the VDT itself becomes a blur. So it is clearly past time to call it a night. Have a good weekend; this is, after all, still America. At least for now.

Posted by Loren at October 15, 2004 03:21 AM

Here's hoping for a steady diet of inspiring assignments.

Wandered over via the link at Spork's Blather Review, and i'll be back.


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